The Perks of Winter

Painting of night winter scene with Northern Lights, moon and bare tree
Melody of the Moon, Acrylic on Canvas, 17″x24″ by Jilene Schafers, Available

I used to hate winter, the bitter cold, the long stretches of darkness..

…but over the years I’ve really come to appreciate the slowness of it, and recognize the perks of winter.

The fun, beautiful summer comes with its own inherent hectic-ness, a time that’s almost too busy, too fast, too full to be able to sit back and evaluate life and process the experiences. It’s the space, darkness, and slow pace that I have really come to love about winter. It’s a perfect time to take a step back and reflect on the year, to process the experiences, integrate the lessons, and lay the groundwork for what I want to cultivate in the year ahead. This time of retreat is a very important part of the cycle of life. I love embracing the introspective aspects of this season with a variety of creative, therapeutic, and somatic/expressive practices that unlock a deeper, fuller experience of life.

How can you build a satisfying life if you don’t take the time to step back and reexamine things; to check in with what it is you want to create, and what no longer works for you?

Granted, these are all great things to do throughout the year, but winter is the perfect time to really dive deep. Let me know in the comments some of your favorite ways to engage in this process of reflecting, integrating, and defining the directions to focus your energy, I’d love to hear about it!

4 thoughts on “The Perks of Winter

  1. Jilene, I could not agree more with your thoughts on the contemplative aspects of winter. After a busy summer in the garden and yard, camping and travelling I look forward to the quiet of winter. It’s a time for cocooning with comfort foods, fires, blankets and candles. A time for writing and thinking, for sketching and putting it all together in art. But then there is the snow itself, hushed and utterly still at times, you know those moments when its snowing and is so quiet outside you can hear snowflakes falling? The crispness of cold sunny days.
    If you are dressed right it becomes magic.

    1. Ahh, yes Cindy. This summer has been pretty full and I’ve been finding myself looking forward to winter again, with more space to be and breathe… and get back into my art! Your well written description of the quiet snow inspires such peaceful feelings (you should do more writing!).. I hope the impending fall and winter are satisfying for you, and thanks for your comment!

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