Artistic Journey to Now

Welcome to my blog! I’ll kick off my new venture by sharing a bit of my artistic journey to now.

I grew up in the art world, and with a professional artist for a mother, learned a lot through osmosis. Despite having a certain amount of talent and opportunity, I let comparison prevent me from putting much effort into exploring the artistic process. Always surrounded by beautiful, highly skilled paintings, whatever I produced just never matched up. I know it was unrealistic for my younger self to compare her works against a 30+ year skill set, but I couldn’t help it. Comparison is the thief of joy, and I let myself get robbed constantly.  The things I wanted to create just never turned out the way I had envisioned them to be. I had no trust in the process, and my high expectations held me back from simply practicing and playing.

I always fought against the idea of being an artist and denied my natural instincts to create. After many years, and lots of internal work, I can now recognize and push through my blockages and resistances. Art is an ongoing practice of hearing, but not submitting to the internal critic, which can often paralyze progress.  Though I still struggle with these challenges (and probably always will!) I’ve finally come to a place where I don’t let them hold me back anymore.  

First time displaying some art I had with me for sale at an event. While I didn’t sell anything, it was a really good experience to display my wares and put a price on my work… and say it out loud! It was a bit uncomfortable, but an overall good experience. 

This year was a turning point for me in terms of my art.

Last summer I did an internship at an Ecovillage. I spent most of my time working on a variety of different tasks, including working in the garden, constructing natural buildings and cooking for lots of people. Although I often enjoyed those jobs, I couldn’t help but observe where I was the most content. I looked forward to, and found the most satisfaction when immersed in creative, artistic projects. After I left the village, I came to the decision to put myself and my art ‘out there’, to share it with the world. It’s a scary step for me, but I also find it exciting to move forward with a new direction and motivation in life.  It’s been a life long process, but I am finally coming to embrace my artistic gifts, and explore the ways in which I express them in the world.


5 thoughts on “Artistic Journey to Now

  1. Hi Jilene: My name is Angeline I’ve been a admirer of your Mom’s art for a long time the talent she has is beyond wow, that being said I can see you have your mama’s eye for detail I look forward to seeing your progression into the art of living out your art , By the way I love the journal you so lovingly put together ?

  2. Hi Jilene, CONGRATULATIONS on stepping out to share some of your talents. We’ve long enjoyed and appreciated your Mother’s work and the friendship of your parents and grandparents. We look forward to following your endeavors through the coming years. We wish you great success. Al & Dorothy.

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